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The SF Lindy Hop scene has been the undisputed champion of the swing world. Some may think we have rested on our laurels for too long and that we aren't working hard enough to spread our love for the Lindy Hop to new dancers.

We're here to stop that. (the meandering bit, not the other scenes bit ;)

The SF Lindy Revival Team is a grassroots organization dedicated to bringing new dancers into the SF Lindy Hop scene. We're focused on the following points:

  1. By organizing and participating in LindyBombs

  2. By participating in Venue Revival (more info later)

  3. Encouraging practice sessions - the sharing of knowledge in an open practice space (such as the Lindy Practica).

  4. ?? - the Team is not a dictatorship. As a grassroots organization, we're interested in discussion of ideas from all members.

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