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What is it?

SFLindyPractica is a Lindy Hop practice session every Thursday at 7:30pm (prior to the 9:20 Special). Currently the practica is held at the Fulton Ballroom. The session is for anyone who is passionate about improving their Lindy. We have a mailing list for people interested in the practica.
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Goals / Principles of practice session:

  1. not a social dance - strictly for working on and improving skills
  2. not a workshop - everyone takes responsibility for him/herself (no spoonfeeding)
  3. support each other in improving / challenge each other to "push the envelope"
  4. dancers of diverse experience/skill levels are welcomed / respect differing priorities of participants
  5. give/receive constructive feedback

What's it like?

We have found that having a theme each week helps focus our direction. Weekly themes will be announced on the mailing list. Dancers can optionally choose to be a part of the theme or use the space for their own focus, apart from the group.

Participants are encouraged to suggest themes or even be the "facilitator" of a session.

The idea is to improve our dancing by breaking out of our normal patterns. Source materials include: video tapes, each others' knowledge, recent workshops and lessons, etc. A camcorder will be available for taping dancing.

The SFLindyPractica is an evolving process with input from all participants.

Hope to see you there!

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